How do I track my activity?

You can access the activity tracker from the app homepage by scrolling down to the "Your Progress" section and tapping anywhere on the "Add Exercise" tile. 

You can also access it by selecting "Tracker" from the navigation menu and then selecting "Activity". 


Manually calculating how many calories are burned for any given exercise can be difficult, but FULLFILL's activity tracker takes out all the guesswork and makes it easy to keep track of all those calories you burn when you workout. All you need is the duration and name of the activity, and the activity tracker will calculate how many calories you burned. 

  1. On the "Activity Tracker" screen, tap the plus icon on the "Activity" tile.
  2. In the "Activity" freeform field, enter the duration and name of the activity, and tap "Continue."
  3. The next screen will show you an estimate of how many calories were burned for that activity. Once you review the information entered, tap "Continue" to log your activity in the tracker.

As a helpful hint, you can enter the name of the activity before the duration; the order doesn't matter. Just make sure to enter individual activities on one continuous line. If you enter the duration on one line and the name on another, the tracker will attempt to track this as two activities. With that said, you can track multiple activities at once by entering each activity on separate lines. 

Custom Activity

Now, let's say you are at the gym using the treadmill or another machine that displays the number of calories being burned. Typically, these machines take into account factors such as your weight, speed, and resistance. For situations like this, where you have an accurate calculation of calories burned, you can track your activity as a Custom Activity. 

  1. On the "Activity Tacker screen, tap the plus icon on the "Custom Activity" tile.   
  2. Enter the name of the activity, total calories burned, and the duration. 
  3. Then, tap "Log Calories" to save your entry.

Other Options

If you already are using or prefer using a different activity tracker (such as Fitbit), that's not a problem. Just make sure that you sync it so that it pushes your activity data to the FULLFILL app, so that your FULLFILL Coach can access your activity tracking data as well as your weight and nutrition data. 

To learn more about integrating other trackers with your FULLFILL app, use this article: Syncing with Other Trackers