We know you have a busy schedule! So, our goal is to offer you as many options as we can so that you can find a time to attend your group session each week that works with your schedule. Group sessions may be facilitated by your personal coach or another FULLFILL Coach.

Weekly Session

Your Weekly Session is a scheduled group session each week with discussions around your current week's weekly content (topics). If your Weekly Sessions timeslot no longer works with your schedule, you can change it to a different day or time. When you sign in to your FULLFILL app and tap the "Your Weekly" tile to choose a different timeslot that works for you.

Drop-In Session

If you missed your Weekly Session or would like to go back and discuss a previous week's topic further, you can schedule a Drop-In Session. When you sign in to your FULLFILL app, you can access the list of Drop-In Sessions available to you by tapping the "Anytime Drop-In" tile. You can check out what topics that session will be discussing by selecting the session timeslot and tapping "View Details." 

For information on connecting to a session, use this article: Connect to a Session