Do I have to track what I eat? 

The answer to this question can be best answered with another question:  Do you want to double your weight loss?  

Tracking food intake, your weight, and your physical activity is one of the most surefire, scientifically validated predictors of long-term weight-loss success. Those same studies show this simple act could nearly double your weight loss! Yes, you read that right—double!

Beyond that, food tracking data can help your coach give you better support when it comes time to overcome plateaus and work together on ways that can increase your results!

How do I access the nutrition tracker?

You can access the nutrition tracker from the app homepage by scrolling down to the "Your Progress" section and selecting "Add Meal". 

You can also access the nutrition tracker by selecting "Tracker" from the navigation menu and then selecting Nutrition. 

How do I track my food?

The nutrition tracker shows your daily calorie goal, which is based on the Target Weight entered on the weight tracker. Daily meals can be logged as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. 

To begin tracking a meal, tap the plus icon on the tile for the meal you'd like to track.


If you are logging a meal that is store-bought or a meal containing several packaged items, using the barcode scanner is an easy way to track those calories. On the "Log Nutrition" screen of the FULLFILL app, select the barcode icon and scan the UPC code on the package(s). Just make sure to double-check that you are logging the correct serving size before selecting "Log Food".


You can also track meals and ingredients by searching for them manually using the search bar. Start typing the name of the meal or ingredient and results will auto-populate. Search results will provide you with both "Common" and "Branded" foods so you can be as accurate as possible when tracking calories.

Add Custom Calories

Add Custom Calories is a great way for tracking meals that cannot be found using the barcode or search options, but you have nutritional information available. All you have to do is type the name of the meal and enter the Total Calories.

Other Options

If you already are using or prefer using a different food tracker (such as Fitbit), that's not a problem. Just make sure that you sync it so that it pushes your food data to the FULLFILL app so that your FULLFILL Coach can access your nutrition tracking data as well as your weight and activity data. To learn more about integrating other trackers with your FULLFILL app, use this article: Syncing with Other Trackers