Accessing the Activity Tracker Page

To access the step and activity trackers in the FULLFILL mobile app:

1. Tap on the "Tracker" tab found on the bottom navigation bar of the FULLFILL app. 

2. Then, tap on the "Activity" tile. 

  • From this page, you can view your step and activity tracking for the day and previous days, log activity, view daily reports, and update your step goal

Updating Your Daily Step Goal

You can edit your daily step goal from the "Activity Tracker" page (see the steps on how to get there above). Tap on the button at the top-right of the "Steps" tile to update your step goal.

How do I track my steps?

You can sync your FULLFILL account to your Fitbit account to automatically pull in your step tracking data. Additionally, iPhone & iPad users can also integrate their FULLFILL app with the Apple Health app so that it pulls in step tracking info from Apple Health (or another synced device or 3rd party app that integrates with Apple HealthKit). 

To learn how to sync your FULLFILL app with Fitbit or the Apple Health app, check out this article:  Syncing with Other Trackers

Please note that there is no way to manually add steps in the FULLFILL app. The only way to input your steps in the FULLFILL app at this time is by syncing with Fitbit or Apple Health.