Hello there and a very warm welcome to FULLFILL!

If you landed here to learn more about FULLFILL and who we are, you’re in the right place. If you just signed up, we are so excited you have joined our family to seek out a more fulfilling future. You might have just been browsing around clicking on articles, or you might be genuinely curious about how coaching fits into this and how it can help you achieve your goals. First, I’m going to have you hang on to that curiosity as we explore this together.

I bet you have some association in mind when you see the word “coach”. It might bring you back to your days of high school sports, or your own kids’ coaches. Some of you might think of major league sports coaches (calling plays and yelling at their players), or perhaps even an executive or life coach. No matter what context, most of us have some idea of what coaching is.

In a lot of ways, there is quite a bit of subtle and not-so-subtle overlap between most types of coaching. But here’s where we might veer off the path a little bit from what you’re used to or are expecting. Health and Wellness Coaching (what we do here at FULLFILL) focuses specifically on a person’s ideas, beliefs, barriers, frustrations, challenges, ideas, and desires to incorporate incremental changes (habits) to ultimately live a healthier and happier life. Sounds pretty amazing, right?  

Some of you might be jumping for joy at the thought of someone telling you how to get your health and wellness on. This is where I need you to pull out that curiosity; our coaches will not tell you what to do (not in the way a personal trainer or sports coach might). In fact, we’re going to ask you questions about why, or how some of the things in your life are helping you to be successful or not successful.

We promise this is more purposeful than just asking why the sky is blue, and why grass is green; our inquiries are about self-reflection and discovery. We want to help you figure out your own personal path to success, and what possible stumbling blocks might crop up along the way. Now, let’s move on to what a health and wellness coach is!

FULLFILL Coaches are:

  • An expert in evidence-based behavior change techniques (making it easier to tackle those new habits)
  • An accountability partner (it’s harder to say you didn’t do something to another person)
  • Your advocate (we will always seek the positive and help you to see it too)
  • An expert in refining SMART goals (lots more on this later)
  • An expert in the FULLFILL program and how we can help customize your experience

I hope you’re even more excited to get started with your very own FULLFILL Coach that is here to walk this amazing journey beside you.

To a healthier and happier tomorrow!