The Purpose (and Importance) of Tracking

Tracking is your ticket to see the changes in everything from your daily meals to those pounds and inches melting off. We often cannot see the subtle—and sometimes, not-so-subtle changes—in ourselves. Or sometimes the number on the scale might seem “stuck”, however, our measurements are on the move! Tracking keeps it all visible, which in turn, keeps you more aware and more motivated!

Above all, please do these weight checks and measurements with a spirit of curiosity, rather than self-criticism. Bullying yourself will not help, informing yourself will.

Remember the all-important lesson from the Week 1, Day 1 content:  

Tracking food intake, your weight, and your physical activity is one of the most surefire, scientifically-validated predictors of long-term weight-loss success. Those same studies show this simple act could nearly double your weight loss! Yes, you read that right! Double. 

What are we tracking and how often?

Track Daily

Your food:  Track each meal and snack and everything you drink!

Your activity:  Anytime you move it, don't forget to track it. You want credit each and every time!

Your steps:  If you have a Fitbit or Apple Watch, you can sync it to your FULLFILL account to track your steps in our app (and that way, your coach can see them, too!). 

Track Once a Week

Weigh yourself at least once a week. We say “at least”, but the frequency is up to you. Daily weight checks can give you real-time “data” on how food choices (such as more salt) can impact your weight—but those changes could be temporary. Tracking your weight on a weekly basis will be the most accurate because that’s how long it takes to drop a real pound or two.

Take your measurements. Jot down your waist, hip and chest measurements. We want to be able to celebrate all of the victories! 

Track Monthly

Document your transformation:  Don't forget to take before photos and take another picture of the ever-progressing, healthier you! You’ll want to be able to do a comparison to truly appreciate the changes in your body. 

It's also a great idea to journal your purpose for wanting to lose weight, what your goals are, in addition to your thoughts, your feelings, and your "ah-ha!" moments along this journey. 

You’ve got this!