FULLFILL coaching sessions are live video conferencing sessions conducted through the FULLFILL mobile app. The FULLFILL Coach leading the session will be on camera. It's up to you whether you enable your camera or not during the session, but for the best experience, we recommend enabling your camera anytime you meet one-on-one with a coach. 

We offer multiple group coaching session options each week to make it easier to find a class time that works with your schedule. Each week, you can pick an option and attend a group session taught by one of our FULLFILL Coaches. Your group sessions may be facilitated by your personal coach or a different FULLFILL Coach.

You can join a group session from your dashboard in the FULLFILL app. 5 minutes before your session start time, a blue "Join" button will appear on the session tile on your home page. 

After you tap the button to join your weekly group session (or another drop-in session), you'll meet with a coach and other program participants to discuss the topics from that week's lessons. The discussion will last about 30 minutes, but the coach will stay on a bit longer for anyone who'd like to continue the conversation or get additional coaching support. 

For the best possible group experience, we ask that everyone keep their microphones muted when they aren't speaking. A pair of earbuds or headphones may also be helpful (especially if you'll be joining from somewhere with a lot of background noise). During the group session, you can use the chat and raise hand features to communicate with the coach or un-mute your mic when you'd like to speak.